Auto Hobby Shop is now REOPENED!

Located at Bldg 10260 (Corner of Alaska & Community Loop). Give us a call if you have questions at 805-606-6014. Our hours of operation are Friday 1700-2100 and Saturday 0900-1700.

We've got the tools for success!

Stop by the Auto Hobby Shop and check out the resources offered to you! With the tools and space we offer, you're sure to get your projects going or beef that beater up! Work on your own vehicle with the convenience of equipment used at professional auto shops. See what we offer below:

$5.00 / hour
$8.00 / hour
$5.00 / hour
Outside Storage
$1.50 / day
Shed Storage
$1.00 / day
Battery Charge
$10.00 each
Diagnostic, OBD I
Diagnostic, OBD II
Diagnostic Scope
$60.00 / hour
Hydraulic Press
$2.50 / hour
Tire Balance
$5.00 each
Tire Mount
$5.00 each
Media Blasting
$12.00 / hour
Hazardous Waste Disposal Fee
$0.50 / quart

We've also got manuals for assistance on a large array of vehicles, tools, and a multitude of replacement bolts available (bolt cost varies).

No tire disposal. No outside hazardous waste. Shop generated waste only. No engine/transmission/axle disposal. No gas tanks.

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