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Accountable Mail

Accountable Mail (Certified or Registered Mail) must be brought in before 1400 daily. Certified and Registered mail must be accompanied with a DD2825 Internal Receipt and Registered mail must be sealed with paper tape on all seams. Click Here for DD Form 2825.

Only those authorized on the unit’s or contractor’s AF 4332 Accountable/Non-Accountable Communications Receipt Authorization Form are able to pick up regular and Accountable mail for the unit or contractor. Click Here for AF Form 4332.

What We Provide

First Class, Priority, Certified, Registered, and Media Mail are the services offered for outgoing mail. PO Boxes available for units and contractors getting Official Mail.

Who we service

Units and Contractors getting official government mail to support the mission.

Official Mail Center (OMC) Contact Information

Address: Bldg 10373 (The first counter as you walk in the Post Office. Across from the BX and behind the Base Track.)

Phone: 805-605-5010

Email: vandenbergofficialmailcenter@us.af.mil


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