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The Vandenberg Lodge

Facility Information
The Vandenberg Lodge office is the first point of contact for most people arriving on temporary duty (TDY) or permanent change of station (PCS) orders. The Vandenberg Lodge has 265 guest rooms in 26 lodging facilities which accommodate more than 60,000 guests annually. Active Duty, family and friends of active duty, retired military and dependents, and current DOD civilians are all eligible to stay at the Vandenberg Lodge (based on availability and priority).
Military and Civilian TDY and military PCS members can make reservations up to 6 months prior to arrival date. Military PCS incoming members can make reservations for up to 30 days. PCS outgoing military can make reservations for up to 7 days. PCS military personnel must check with the lodging office before making any arrangements to stay in off-base hotels. Lodging guests must provide a valid credit card number at the time of making a reservation. Please call (805) 606-1844 or DSN 276-1844 for reservations.

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Room Rates
Visiting Airman Quarters - $42.25 per day
Visiting Quarters - $56.00 per day
Small TLF - $60.50 per day
Large TLF - $63.75 per day *
Small Business/DV Suites - $58.75
Large Business/DV Suites - $61.50

*Pet quarters are available in some large TLFs for an additional fee

New pet agreement

Space Availability Policy
Space Available (Space A) reservations can be made by military active duty, reservists, military retirees and military families, Department of Defense (DOD) civilians on leave or incident to PCS.

If Projectd Occupancy is: Space-A Reservation may be accepted:
86% or greater Up to 3 days in advance
81 to 85% Up to 7 days in advance
66 to 80% Up to 14 days in advance
51 to 65% Up to 30 days in advance
50% or less Up to 120 days in advance

Wireless Access
The Vandenberg Lodge offers high-speed WiFi access in the reception area and all lodging rooms.

The Vandenberg Lodge Reception is open 24 hours everyday and has chips, popcorn, sodas, and snacks for sale. All ID card holders can purchace sundries, souvenirs, and gift baskets! Come out and see what we have to offer!



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Hours of
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Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Check-in Time: 1400
Check-out Time: 1100

Bldg 13001, located near the intersection of Oregon Ave and Utah




(805) 606-1844
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